Trashy Roots Studio

Image Studios, suite 101
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  • DevaCurl Certified
  • Rezo Certified

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Trashy Roots Studio

Since the age of 12 I have known that I wanted to be a Hair Stylist when I grew up. In 2001 I went to school in Tempe, AZ, at the Carsten Aveda Institute. I opened Trashy Roots Salon in September 2007. I became a Curl Specialist in 2013. I am Curly Cut Certified in Rezo, DevaCurl and Ouidad. I have been an Educator, which gave me the opportunity to go out to different salons and schools in the area and educate them on new products, techniques, and business building.​​​ In 2018 I decided to take a step back to focus on my clients and family and open Trashy Roots Studio.

Trashy Roots Studio

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