Shear Impressions/Shear Impressionsby Ana

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  • Bridal / Up Styling / Braids
  • Curly Hair Extensions
  • DevaCurl Certified
  • Rezo Certified

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Shear Impressions/Shear Impressionsby Ana

Central Pennsylvania’s only Curly Hair Focus Salon.
Shear Impressions/Shear Impressions by Ana is Located in South Williamsport, PA, – The home of the Little League World Series and by the Riverwalk, overseeing Williamsport Business District which, has the Historic Genetti Hotel and can be seen right from your chair, this Quiet, Beautiful location can accommodate anyone looking for privacy! Shear Impressions/Shear Impressions by Ana specializes in Textured Hair (Curly Hair) and welcomes ALL!. I offer a wide range of styles and treatments from modern trend setting Haircuts to classic A-line Bob’s and Educate you on all Haircare. Rezo Cut Certified, DevaCurl Inspired, product Certified. CurlyWorld-Curl for Curl Cut.

We not only care about your hair, we believe that education is key! Let us teach you to truly LOVE your Hair!

Remember, what you LOVE and NURTURE will GROW!

Come in where you will receive not only the latest in hair styles and techniques, but also a warm, private and friendly environment. It’s All About YOU!


Shear Impressions/Shear Impressionsby Ana

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