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Full Spiral Salon

At Full Spiral Salon, we believe that we are the mirrors of our natural environment. The plants, the water, the earth all reside within our being. Our hair is also a reflection of this connection. Our salon specializes in natural styles and textures. From waves to curls, to kinky curly, we are the only salon in Santa Barbara that focuses on enhancing what’s natural. While we service any and all hair types, we center our passion around curly and natural hair.

Being that we are located within the same space as Pura Luna Apothecary, we are bringing a holistic approach to helping humans heal themselves by starting with their crown. We mainly use botanical products, science based hair-care, and have herbal treatments to help raise your vibration and heal naturally. From scalp care, hair care, to reiki- we aim to support the whole being inside and out.

Full Spiral Salon Full Spiral Salon Full Spiral Salon Full Spiral Salon Full Spiral Salon Full Spiral Salon

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