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Dusty Schlabach

Hair should be two things always: easy and sexy. I’m crazy about texture and shape. I think it’s important to cut hair in its natural state so that a “bad hair day” is really only a loss in body and shape – a queue that it’s time for your next appointment.

Dry cutting curls is not just simply cutting the hair when it isn’t wet. The many techniques that go in to it leave the hair light and provide lots of movement, but more importantly-it’s custom to your very own unique curl patterns that can vary throughout your own hair. That’s what I do. I’m a SUCKER for curls of EVERY kind and for the girls and guys that rock them. Curls are easily by far my favorite to work with. They’re all I work with!

Dusty Schlabach Dusty Schlabach Dusty Schlabach Dusty Schlabach Dusty Schlabach

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