Understanding Curly Hair Types

By Curly Hair Salon | January 8, 2023

There are several types of curly hair, and the type of curl a person has can vary based on the shape of the hair follicle and the amount of natural oils produced by the scalp. Here are some common types of curly hair: Type 2: Wavy hair – This type of hair has a “S” shape and is not as curly as other types. It can range from fine to thick and tends to be easy to manage. Type 3: Curly hair – This type of hair has a definite “S” shape and is generally springy and coiled. It can range from loose, bouncy curls to tight, defined curls. Type 4: Kinky hair – This type of hair is extremely curly and tends to be very dry and delicate. It has a tight, coiled pattern and is prone to breakage. It’s important to note that hair type is not the only factor that determines the texture and appearance of curly hair. Other factors, such as the amount of moisture in the hair, the use of heat styling or chemicals, and the overall health of the hair and scalp can also affect the appearance of curls.

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