Healthy Hair, Little to No Product

By Curly Hair Salon | January 8, 2023

Client @haleyaslovenec has incredible curl and just all around cool vibes. She came in for a trim the other day and I wanted to highlight the “before” shots because her hair looked so amazing since the last time, we cut it. It had grown out beautifully and since she has been consistent with the clean hair care regimen I recommended, her hair is getting healthier and more hydrated each month. Look through these fun shots and take note that she has almost zero product in her hair for the first 5 photos. The last shot is her hair after a trim and style. You’ll notice she has much more definition with the product in her hair, both beautiful looks and while I have my favorite, that’s not the point. The point I’m trying to make is that I want to get you to a place where you do not have to rely on products to have a good hair day. Let’s get your hair so healthy that you can wash and air dry and feel confident about your curls, just like Haley.

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